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Fashion Diva Mamta Roy excels in the field of social activities

Patna 25 june Mamta Roy has managed not only in the field of fashion but also in the field of social activities, she has had always endured continuous hard work to get these success. Born in 1983 at jamshedpur, a city of Jharkhand, Mamta Roy's father, M

But since childhood, Mamta’s dream was to become a star. Mamta always participated in Dancing and acting in cultural programs in school and college and she always got great appreciation. In the year 2003, Mamta Roy got married to Mr. Abhay Singh, a resident of Lakhani Bigha clan in Khagaul, Patna and she came to Patna. Mamta Roy's husband served her every step with love and care. As in many cases, there is a lot of restrictions placed on a girl after the marriage, it does not happen with Mamta Roy. She continued her studies even after marriage and completed graduation. Mamta Roy have two children, Trushala Singh and Adbhay Singh who support her a lot.

Mamta Roy also had a keen interest in social activities. Mamta Roy wanted to promote women empowerment and seeing this, she joined Dainik Jagran Sangini Club, working towards empowerment of women since 2015. Looking at her strength, She was also made Vice President later. She believes that now it is necessary to empower women.

Mamta Roy wanted to create her own identity in the world of modeling and fashion. In the year 2018, Mamta Roy participated in the Mrs India IMP Bihar which took place in Jamshedpur, and she got the title and was announced as the winner. After this, she went to Goa for Mrs India IMP finale competition and won the title of Mrs. India Fitness Queen and Mrs. India Tourism World Wide First Runner up. Mamta Roy believes that in order to achieve success in our mission one needs to have more courage than strength.

And thus, Bihar's Model wants to follow her and map her as their inspiration. Mamta Roy told that she will soon be opening an institute in the capital Patna, through which she will be giving the grooming classes to the Models. The Crown of Fashion and Modeling Hunt Show Miss and Mrs. Fashnista (North India) was launched at Patna's Ganga Resort, courtesy of Silk Fashion and Jewelery Pvt. Ltd. and Anmaya Human Resource Foundation. On this occasion, 15 women from the courtesy of Pinkshe Foundation received the award. And so seeing the outstanding and remarkable contribution of her, the Pinkshe power woman award has been awarded to her. Mamta Roy is getting proposals to work in several regional films and TV serials but she wants to work in the field of fashion and also wants to serve herself in the social cause. Mamta Roy said that she gives all the credit of her success to her husband who has always supported her. Mamata Roy considers her husband to be the real hero.

25-Jun-2018 11:55

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