15-Nov-2019 05:57

Underprivilege children felt above during children's Day celebration at Be for Nation trust

About 200 children of South Mandiri Slum are educated in all round development in the Be For Nation Trust.

On the occasion of children's Day on 14 November 2019 Be For Nation Trust prepared staged for underprivilege children for various activities, dancing, singing and painting competitions were organized among the children, in which superstars of the Be For Nation Trust took part in it and filled the unique colors in these days of hard work done by the organization on these children and proved that only right direction and path is required for these children, then no destination is impossible for them.

Keeping in view the increasing mental stress in children and the directions they are facing, a special awareness camp was organized in the children in which Mr. Bhupesh Kumar, the founder of "UInk", told the children that whenever children are under mental stress How can one come out of this situation with the help of a right viewer. Along with this, children were informed about small security and were taught to make a complete first aid box for this. Children were shown their enthusiasm for the protection of the natural calamity in the coming tomorrow, ie, for the protection of the lower tree dwindling oxygen, and in all these information.

In all these competitions, with the Be For Nation, Raj Nagar Rewad Welfare Association, Nav Manav Vikas Kalyan Samiti and Unicharm India Pvt. The children also participated. In the contest, the children also received a lot of prizes.

Other dignitaries of the city were present on the occasion, who encouraged the children's enthusiasm. The Secretary of the institution, Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh, thanked everyone on this occasion and said that a normal life can be given to the children of the slum as well as the cooperation of all and especially Mandvi Shandilya, Principal of Hathua Raj Gyanodaya Sanskrit College. The other staff of the college also thanked.

15-Nov-2019 05:57

भारत_दर्शन मुख्य खबरें

समाचार भारत_दर्शन राजनीति खेल जुर्म शिक्षा चिकित्सा धर्म परम्परा व्यक्तित्व कला सम्मान फिल्म सामाजिक_संस्थान रोजगार कानून अर्थव्यवस्था समस्या पर्यावरण सैनिक पुलिस गांव शहर ज्योतिष सामान्य_प्रशासन जन_संपर्क छात्र_छात्रा
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