05-Jun-2018 03:25

Happy world environment day

Patna 05 june Open shelter (girls) koshi jan kalyan samiti , celebrated world environment day , today.

How to protect our environment they have been told by veena singh the president of it.

Then they have been told to write slogan 'No Polythene'. Use paper bags. Hence they are small orphan and unfavourable conditioned girls , made paper bags and did painting at last to show love towards earth and environment.

Old dadi jis have also been called to make aware of it and how to protect environment by planting more trees and not using poly bags.

Happy world environment day. Some girls planted plants too.

05-Jun-2018 03:25

सम्मान मुख्य खबरें

समाचार भारत_दर्शन राजनीति खेल जुर्म शिक्षा चिकित्सा धर्म परम्परा व्यक्तित्व कला सम्मान फिल्म सामाजिक_संस्थान रोजगार कानून अर्थव्यवस्था समस्या पर्यावरण सैनिक पुलिस गांव शहर ज्योतिष सामान्य_प्रशासन जन_संपर्क छात्र_छात्रा
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