14-Aug-2019 03:43

Release poor Delhi boy, Rahul Pandey : Advocate Ajay Kumar

Kathmandu. I am for the 4th day in Kathmandu, fighting for the cause of poor Delhi boy, Rahul Pandey, languishing in jail

He is victim of Facebook friendship. We are able to convince here the police authorities that injustice was done to him and police came in action and lodged a complaint from her mother. But, it will not help in present case of release of Rahul.

The hand of judiciary and Advocates, here is tight here on account of local laws, which clearly discriminate between a local and foreign national, when it comes to bail.

I am shocked and request you all to turn this into viral post, through FB, Twitter, Insta and all possible means to press upon both Govt to end this discrimination in the larger interest of justice to one and all.

The law should be based on crime, not on the basis of caste, creed, gender and nationality. Pls, friends in media help this cause, others can tag #ReleaseRahulPandey and make this post viral to reach PM Modi and PM Nepal.

14-Aug-2019 03:43

सामान्य_प्रशासन मुख्य खबरें

समाचार भारत_दर्शन राजनीति खेल जुर्म शिक्षा चिकित्सा धर्म परम्परा व्यक्तित्व कला सम्मान फिल्म सामाजिक_संस्थान रोजगार कानून अर्थव्यवस्था समस्या पर्यावरण सैनिक पुलिस गांव शहर ज्योतिष सामान्य_प्रशासन जन_संपर्क छात्र_छात्रा
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